Tools For Remote Teaching

Using Padlet - For Teachers

Using Padlet - For Students & Families

Equatio by TextHelp (YouTube complete playlist) -- writing math on Docs and .pdf's, mathematical speech-to-text, and more.

Using Equatio For Remote Learning

Getting Started with PearDeck (YouTube complete playlist) -- turn Google Slides into interactive lessons with a variety of every-pupil response formats

Google Sites

Embedding Video in Google Sites (prepared for LGS teacher Mrs. Barnard & 4th grade students)

eBooks & Audio Books

Assigning Books to Students in EPIC!

Using EPIC! For Students (prepared for JW 1st & 2nd graders -- instructions involve signing in as Guest, before students had accounts)

Google Drive & Docs

Embedding results from a Google Form in a Google Doc (adapted, originally for LGS teacher Mrs. Ide)

Sharing Links to YouTube etc. Through Docs (as prepared for Amy Clements)


Clearing Cookies & Restoring Settings in Chrome (prepared for LGS & NTS music teacher Chelsea Gibbs) -- try this if Chrome has been "hijacked" by ads, or your home screen and/or search engine has been changed

Research Tools

Accessing Kids InfoBits Through the VOL Gale Databases (prepared for LGS teacher Mrs. Ide)